Our submersible sewage pump features a centrifugal structure, wide flow channel and 0.75-800 kilowatt power range. This can effectively ensure the solid particles do not block the pump and there is no fiber wrap. Common applications include sewage treatment and drainage.

The submersible mixed-flow pump is an adjustable blade flow pump that uses a fully enclosed, dry, asynchronous motor. The diameter ranges from 350 to 2400mm, with a power range of 242 to 2,000kW. The built in protection device ensures the electric pump is safe to use.

The submersible axial-flow pump can be produced in various sizes ranging from 350 to 2400 mm and a power varying from 18.5 to 200kW. This pump is widely used for municipal flood control and drainage.

Our company is also able to produce a diverse range of excavator parts.

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